Create The Life You Want in 2019

Create The Life You Want in 2019

we are hosting an event that’s going to be different than anything we’ve ever done.


It’s called The Art of Goal Achieving. It’s a program Sandy, and I have been working on for more than 10 years.

If you’re wondering why we gave the event that name, it’s because achieving a goal is an art.

Just like it’s an art to turn a blank canvas into a beautiful picture. Or when you take a block of clay and mold into a vase or sculpture. Or turn the words in your head into a book, screenplay or song.

When we are in the process of achieving a goal, you are taking energy and turning it into a different form of energy. We’re taking what is and changing it into something which has never been. That’s what makes this process an art.

And it all starts with goal creation.

Why It’s Important to Create Goals?

A goal is a desired result a person or organization envisions, plans and commits to achieve as a result of some form of development or growth.

Goal setting is the essence of life.

Goals give you focus. They keep you locked in and undistracted. And they give you motivation.

So, if you haven’t set a goal for 2019, my question to you is…


Don’t you want to grow? Don’t you want something bigger and better for your life and the life of others?

Listen, this is your life. Don’t spend it wandering from one day to the next or trying to keep up with someone else’s agenda or dream!

Some people don’t set goals because they don’t know what they want, or they feel limited or scared. But goal creation should be fun and exciting because, truly, you can have whatever you want—even if you’re not sure right now of how you’d achieve it.

So, rather than feeling disconnected from or incapable of creating the life you want, relax and let your imagination run wild. Pick one of the following exercises to get you loosened up and started in creating the right goal for you.

Exercise 1: Your Ideal Day

I want you to think about something…

What would the perfect day be like for you?

Now I’m not talking about special days, like your wedding day, your favorite holiday, or being on vacation. I mean a day that you happily re-live over and over again, without getting bored, exhausted or overwhelmed.

Sit down and think about that for a few minutes. Then, take a piece of paper or open a blank document on your computer, and write down your activities for the day.

  • What time do you wake up?
  • What’s the first thing you see when you wake up?
  • What do you see when you look out of your window—the beach, a beautiful wooded lot, an exquisite skyline?
  • What are the first things you do? Do you practice gratitude and read for 30 minutes, practice yoga, meditate? Do you go for a run or walk the dog?
  • What do you eat for breakfast?
  • Then what do you do for the rest of the day until you go to bed?
  • What are your thoughts as you drift off to sleep?

Write it all down as detailed as possible, following your ideal day step by step. Doing this will provide insight into what you really want in life.

Exercise 2: Go “There”

Go to a place where you will not be disturbed. Have a pen and paper handy.

Take a minute or two to center yourself. Then, close your eyes and imagine God (or whatever inspires you) speaking in your ear, in a resounding voice.

The voice asks, “What do you want?”

Write down the first thing that comes to mind.

Close your eyes again and hear, “What do you want?”

Write down whatever comes to mind.

Now, the voice says, “Go deeper. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT?”

Pause for a few seconds, then write your answer down.

Stop saying you don’t know.

Stop thinking you can’t do it.

Stop thinking about all the reasons why you can’t have it.

Tell the truth, and answer the question:


What would make you jump out of bed every morning? What would make your heart sing? What would make you dance with joy?

Life really wants to know, and it is in your face screaming in your ear, “What do you want?”

I want you to know this: The universe WILL provide.

But first, you’ve got to ask for it.

The Beginning of Something Truly Extraordinary

These exercises are just the beginning of what you can do to create goals that are worthy of you. Goals that inspire you to become the “you” you’ve always wanted to be.

But I want to be clear. It’s only the beginning. There is much more to learn about this artful, but lawful, process.

Discover everything you need to know and get the tools and resources you need to achieve any goal you want.

Sign up for The Art of Goal Achieving Live Stream right now and make 2019 extraordinary.

I’ll be looking for you.

See you tomorrow.

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